Tin canister | Small

315 kr
An original design of tin can from Nakagawa Masashi Shoten store, The factory in Tokyo Asakusa has a history of over 110 years since  its establishment in 1898. It is a  tea can for tea ceremony,  but it can also be used for storing coffee beans and confectionery. It is a good design for convenient use with the different colors to identify the content.
size | φ9.5 x h 12 cm
material | tinplate (steel)
capacity | 225g (coffee beans)

Made in Japan

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*Please note that moisture may cause rust.
*If it gets dirty, wipe it with a soft cloth and dry it thoroughly before use.
*If you apply highly adhesive commercially available stickers or tapes to cans, the paint may peel off, so please use weakly adhesive masking tape, etc.
*This is not a completely airtight container.

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