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What is the most glass-like glass? THE created THE GLASS by giving deep consideration to this question. Based on this product, they went on to create a new glass that will not break, even if dropped or stepped on.

If a glass is the standard shape familiar to everyone, it is sure to be used in all sorts of situations—when brushing one’s teeth in the bathroom, during camping and barbecues outdoors, for drinks for young children.

To create THE UNBREAKABLE GLASS, THE used a completely new shock-resistant material called Tritan™.
Some of Tritan™’s most outstanding features are its high level of glass-like transparency combined with the lightness of plastic, and more than anything else, its resistance to shock. As Tritan™ is a flexible material, the glass will not crack and its rim will not get chipped.

THE UNBREAKABLE GLASS is heatproof to 100 ℃.
It is created to be more more heatproof than the average plastic. It can be used for serving hot drinks and can be used in dishwashers and microwave ovens (※).

Thanks to its heat resistance, THE UNBREAKABLE GLASS can be boiled to be sterilized and also has excellent resistance to chemicals. This means that alcohol-based disinfectants and bleaching agents can also be used to eliminate bacteria and odors.

THE UNBREAKABLE GLASS is manufactured by Ishikawa Jyushi, professionals in resin molding who manufacture a full range of resin products, everything from household tableware to functional objects such as bullet train parts and manholes in factories in Japan and overseas.

※ While food in the glass can be warmed in a microwave oven, some foods may become extremely hot if heated for a long time. Please do not exceed the heatproof temperature of 100 ℃.

material | PCT(Tritan™️) 

size | 7.5 x 9.5 cm | capacity | 240ml
heatproof temperature | 100 ° C

Made in Japan

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