THE I Rice Bowl (Singaku / Arita / Shimizu / Masuko / Seto)

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THE Rice Bowl

"THE I rice bowl" is a rice bowl which pursues the shape that is easy to follow the human hand and easy to hold. The caliber is 12 cm. This is the same diameter as a circle when using a standard size Japanese hand with forefinger and thumb with both hands (1). In other words, when you hold it, it is a size that fits naturally with your hand. And the height was set to 6 cm of that half (2). Generally, the ratio of the forefinger to thumb (tip to base) length ratio is just 2: 1, and this ratio does not change regardless of the angle of the hand.  

In other words, it was derived that this ratio is the best relationship between the wolf and the hand.

During the development process, I have been interesting.

It is said that chopsticks have long been called "Mari". The name seems to have been named because it was a round bowl like a bowl, but aside from a specially shaped bowl, a good bowl is just four inches (12 cm) when flipped and two are combined It was supposed to be a sphere of In other words, as in “THE Ii tea bowl”, the diameter of the bowl is 12 cm, the height is 6 cm, and the ratio of the two is 2: 1. Furthermore, even if you show us the bowls made in various production areas, the basic form of the old days was 12 cm (four dimensions). "But I don't know why," everyone in the production area agrees.

The unit of a certain length such as 12 cm = four “dimensions” which is the caliber of “THE Ii Cha bowl” is said to be “body scale” that was born from the human body. In recent years, various designs have been handed in, and various shapes of tea bowls have been increasing, but probably from long ago, 12cm = 4 inch teacups along the scale created from the shape of human hands, each producing area It would have been made for granted. The "THE Ii Cha-don" I made this time has become a form that reprints "the original form of the tea bowl that has been lost for a long time, but has been made for a long time ago". It was also a discovery that it was a return to the original landscape of the teacup that was being lost by various designs = "the shape created from the hand".

This time, I made this bowl of the same shape in five different production areas. With the cooperation of Aida (Saga Prefecture), Shimizu (Kyoto Prefecture), Shigaraki (Shiga Prefecture), Seto (Aichi Prefecture), Mashiko (Tochigi), which are famous producing areas of Japanese ceramics, we have cooperation with soil, glaze, finish, etc. All white finish to enjoy the features of each production area. It is a rice bowl where you can enjoy the five facial expressions freely, as well as for each production area and collecting at different production areas.

※ Because the characteristics of each production area are stuck to the finish that can be expressed expressively, depending on the heat and place in the kiln, season and time, none will be baked exactly the same. 

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