Stainless steel Wire coffee dripper

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Mr. Enomoto who loves coffee wants to make a delicious coffee for one person at work. With that in mind, he put the passion into making coffee drippers. I'm not familiar with coffee at all, but he was taught how to enjoy coffee, which changes depending on the tools.

Stainless wire coffee dripper

He know most of the drippers are made of pottery or resin but why not made of a wire frame.
Mr. Enomoto studied by comparing many types. The final deciding factor was something that was easy to use and he want to make delicious coffee in a short time. By eliminating the wall on the outside of the filter as much as possible, it seems that coffee is relatively easier to steam and the air can easily release.

Stainless wire coffee dripper

That's how the wire frame was designed.
A number of advantages of designing the dripper in this way:

1. Structurally there is no wall, so the beans are steamed slowly and plumply, making it easier for the air to escape.
2. It is also a nice point that you can easily see the amount you put in the cup at the time of pouring water.
3. Stainless steel is resistant to rust and does not break like ceramics.
4. It can be washed and dried quickly.
5. Feel free to hang it on a hook.

It's a wire method that you don't often see, but it's all useful.

Mr. Enomoto's favorite point is "easy to clean and dry". It fulfilled the desire to quickly use at work, which was the first opportunity to make it. It can be washed quickly and dries quickly. Tools that can be used without hesitation are important points of it to be able to use every day.

Stainless wire coffee dripper

A beautiful cone made of wireframe. There is also a reason for this shape. It is said that the conical shape allows the extract to concentrate on one point, and the extraction speed is faster than that of the trapezoidal one. The taste of coffee can be changed depending on the speed and amount of hot water poured, so you can enjoy various tastes by changing the way of making coffee according to the mood of the day.

Stainless wire coffee dripper

This dripper, of course, even me, an amateur, can easily use it, but I had a special try at a coffee shop in Nara!

First of all, in order to brew delicious coffee, it is important to properly steam the freshly ground powder.
With the wire dripper, the air generated during steaming is easy to escape without being blocked by the wall, and as a result, it can be steamed well.

Extraction starts when the powder swells sufficiently after about 30 seconds, but since the wire dripper is less likely to cause a pool of hot water, you may be able to brew more delicious coffee. 

Normally, the dripper is often used together with a coffee server, but Enomoto-san's desire to "enjoy delicious coffee for one person" was dispelled, and we pursued a structure that makes it easy to drip on a mug.

The surface that touches the cup is flat and has no protrusions so that it can be placed on mugs of different sizes. And it is 10 cm in diameter that can be used even with a large mug that you want to enjoy a big cup of coffee.

Since it is a wire, you can see the inside of the cup firmly while pouring water, so you never bring in too much water.

Stainless wire coffee dripper

Shindo Co., Ltd. in Tsubame City, Niigata Prefecture are supporting this design and functionality, they are a manufacturer with advanced technology and high quality in metal processing.

The Wire coffee dripper is made in excellent stainless steel and welding technology by craftsmen, made one by one by hand.

When welding, stainless steel expands and contracts, so distortion will easily occur unless it is done with fine adjustment. The beautiful and well-proportioned figure is born from the skill of skilled craftsmen.

Stainless wire coffee dripper

The Wire coffee dripper can be used for a long time and quietly blends into everyday scenery. It's a design that has a nostalgic taste, Mr. Enomoto uses it every day and wash it repeatedly without any hesitation.

size | (Top) φ9 (Bottom) φ10  H5.5cm
material | Stainless steel made in Tsubame sanjo

capacity | For 1 to 4 people

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* We recommend a commercially available conical paper filter for 1-4 people.
*If a trapezoidal filter is used, side leakage may occur.
* If you put a lot of coffee beans in the filter and use it, it may overflow, so please keep the amount and pour hot water slowly.
*Do not apply excessive force or impact. Doing so may damage the product or cause injury.
* Do not use in unstable conditions or places.
* After use, the main body is hot, so be careful of burns and handle with care.
* After use, wash with water, wipe off moisture and dry well.
*Please refrain from using a dishwasher or dish dryer.
* Do not leave the product in contact with dissimilar metals such as aluminum or iron.

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