Nabeshima Yaki high plate 高台皿

690 kr

Nabeshima-yaki is a type of pottery that was created during the Edo period as a daimyo's daily necessities that could only be used by shoguns and feudal lords. Nabeshima Celadon porcelain is one of the representative methods of Nabeshima ware along with Iro Nabeshima and Ai Nabeshima. The blue-green celadon glaze is beautiful and has an elegant appearance.

Plate in the shape of auspicious plum blossoms
The plate is a gorgeous and auspicious shape that is shaped like plum blossoms not only on the table but also on the hill. There is also a line on the back that represents the petals, and you can see the careful and delicate work that is typical of Nabeshima ware.

Created by Nabeshima Kosengama which continues to preserve the traditions and techniques of Nabeshima ware and Imari ware in Imari City, Saga Prefecture.

Covered with a celadon glaze made of high-purity celadon ore, which is produced only in Okawachiyama, Imari City, it is as beautiful as jade.

It is a craft-like item that adds a refreshing taste of blue maple to the table.

Since it is made by hand, there are individual differences in color and shape.

Dishwasher safe 

size |15 × h3.7cm
material | Porcelain

Made in Japan
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