Hasami-yaki Mamezara

180 kr

Hasami-yaki bean dishes made in Hasami, Nagasaki Prefecture, a production center for porcelain tableware of the common people since the Edo period. Each pattern is hand-painted, and you can feel the warmth and strength unique to handwriting in the gentle handwriting and the subtle shades of Kuresu.

In addition, deformed dishes such as chrysanthemums, hexagons, and squares are ideal for accenting the dining table. Although it is small, it has a strong presence and makes the dining table fun.

size |chrysanthemum φ7.9 x h 1 cm
            hexagon w7.8 x h 1 cm
            square    w6.5 x h 1 cm

material | Porcelain

* Since each product is handmade, there are individual differences in patterns, colors and shapes.

Made in Japan
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*Be sure to wash with cold or lukewarm water when using for the first time.
*The material is vulnerable to sudden temperature changes.
* If you suddenly pour hot water into a cold vessel or put a hot vessel in cold water, it may be damaged.
*Avoid using in an open flame or oven.
*To extend the life of the vessel, we recommend that you hand wash each one.
*The surface may be damaged if abrasive detergents, cleansers, metal scrubbers, etc. are used.
* Please be careful not to chip due to strong impact, and handle with care.
*Since each item is finished by hand, there are individual differences in the pattern, color, and shape.


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