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Based on THE GLASS, which was created by thoroughly examining what is the most glass-like glass, I made a "glass" that will not break if it drops.

A standard shape that everyone has in common, when brushing teeth in the bathroom, when using it outdoors like a barbecue or a camp,it is perfect for various situations for small children's party.

THE UNBREAKABLE GLASS is made of thecompletely new impact resistant plastic material called Tritan.

The great feature of Tritan is that it has high transparency like glass while maintaining the lightness of plastic, and it is resistant to shock. Because it is resilient, it won't be chipped or broken.

Heat resistant temperature is 100 ° C. It is made more heat resistant than general plastic. You can use it with dish washers and microwaves as well as putting warm drinks.

Because it is heat resistant and can be boiled and disinfected, it has excellent resistance to chemicals, so it is compatible with alcohol disinfection and sterilization and deodorization using bleach.

Producer is Ishikawa resin industry. A plastic molding professional who handles a wide variety of resin products for household.

material | PCT resin (Tritan)

capacity | 240ml
size | 7.5 x 9.5 cm
heatproof temperature | 100 ° C

cold temperature | -20 ° C

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