ZAKKA in ZAKKAsine came from a Japanese word “zakka (雑貨)”. If you visit shopping towns in Japan, you will find many cafés as well as Zakka shops. Zakka is an overarching word for a wide variety of small items selected by the shop owner.

In old times, Zakka-ya (雑貨屋) simply meant general stores or hardware stores which sell everyday necessities other than food.

Zakka in the modern concept is composed of various items in everyday life, generally a little bit of all sorts of things, such as kitchenware, bath ware, accessories, bags, socks, clocks, stationery, candles, tea bags, plants, essential oils, books, small furniture etc.

Each Zakka shop is different and carries certain items of selected styles/brands/designers. Since items in the shops often change depending on the owner’s choice, people often visit the store with curiosity and expect not-knowing exactly what they’ll find, encountering something new and being pleasantly surprised by discovering unexpected items and styles.

It is a place to be stimulated by the collections in the shop and eventually learn to apply it to their own style like getting inspirations  fashion/home decor magazines.

In that sense, the shops are not only selling physical items but also selling concepts related to the merchandise. They are like designers or storytellers with visions exhibiting their distinctive preferences and tastes.

Zakka shop continuously present novel, remarkable miscellaneous things and suggesting how these items could bring joy and add meaningful values to your everyday life.