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What are the requirements of a glass cup? The three main features that construct a glass cup is as stated below:

1. Shape – The shape of the cup must be easy to hold. The lip of the cup must be in a shape that is comfortable against the lips of the user. The form should be timeless.
2. Material – Must be durable and shock proof to be good for everyday use. The material should also make the contents of the glass look pleasant.
3. Capacity – The glass should serve a satisfying amount of content for the user.

“THE GLASS” is a cup that utilizes the thickest heat-resistant glass (thermal shock resistance of over 120 degrees Celsius) that is also light, resilient to shock, as well as being microwave and dishwasher safe.

Upon determining the ideal size of the cup, the best conclusion was to have three available sizes of short, tall, and ‘Grande’. These three sizes are derived from the sizes and fluid capacity of the cups available at the world-renowned Seattle-based coffee shop. As most of the coffee-drinking population across the globe is familiar with the shape and size of this cup, it can be said that it is widely accepted, comfortable, and easy to use. The simple and elegant form is relevant to any occasion and blends into the environment.

Since the cup is made of heat-resistant glass, the user can make a cup of fresh iced tea by simply pouring hot tea into the ice-filled glass. Hario Co., Ltd, who also manufactures test tubes, beakers, and teakettles, made possible the new standard of a glass cup.

size |φ7.8 × h11.7cm
Material | Glass (heat resistant)
capacity | 350 ml
weight | About 160 g

Heat resistant temperature difference  |120 ° C

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