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There are surprisingly many situations where you have trouble using a coaster.

"When I lift the glass, it lifts up with the coaster."
It's a scene that can often happen with any coaster.

A few seconds later, only the coaster fell to the table with a loud noise. "
This is also common.

"The water droplets on the glass make the coaster soaked."
It happens frequently when the material is cloth or paper.

So what is the best material for a coaster?
A coaster that doesn't stick to the glass and doesn't look shabby when exposed to water droplets.
And of course, it's also beautiful to look at.
To achieve that, we needed to find a material that was most compatible with water. That's how "THE COASTER" was born.

The material is tile.
A material that is resistant to water, repels water and does not lose its beauty no matter how wet it is.
It won't stick to the glass or get dirty with water droplets. At first glance, it looks like it was made by simply gluing small tiles, but in fact, to maintain its strength, it is originally made from a mold for this coaster.

White that has a clean feeling and fits well around water.

The 8.5 cm square size that fits comfortably in the palm of your hand is easy to carry and is ideally balanced with the glass.

The moderate weight and thickness give it a unique presence as a product that cloth and paper coasters do not have.

As it is resistant to water, it is suitable not only as a coaster for placing tableware containing drinks, but also as a storage for small items around water such as kitchen sinks, washrooms, and bathrooms.

Manufactured by Nagoya Mosaic Industry Co., Ltd., which supplies tiles for all types of buildings, including the outer walls of condominiums and buildings.

size | 8.5 × 8.5 x h0.2cm
material |Ceramic

weight | About 130 g

Made in Japan

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