Special Edition Daruma Mikuji | Sakura Cherry Blossom

125 kr

Sakura - Cherry Blossom Daruma appears in "Daruma Mikuji" with a fortune-telling in the ceramic figurine.

It is different from the pink Daruma (for love), it is recommended for cheering candidates for exam in Japan, in addition, it is a cute Daruma with a smile on the face.

Inside the Daruma, there are fortune notes with a little prediction on your wish. After enjoying the fortune, look into the Daruma and decorate it wherever you like.

size | φ3 × 4 cm

material | Body: Ceramic / String / Omikuji: Paper

Made in Japan

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How to draw eyes?
It is said that painting the left eye of a Daruma doll first when you are making a wish. Drawing eyes signifies “opening of a Daruma doll’s mind’s eye”. To paint Daruma’s eyes is to put its soul into it. Daruma will fight for your wish to get the pupil on the right eye. So, when you wish come true, don't forget to paint the other eye for Daruma!

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