Mini Tenugui

150 kr

Nowadays, the number of people using "tenugui" towels is decreasing because the size is a little too large.  Therefore, this new size of "tenugui" (about 27 x 75cm) has the right size for modern life, while retaining the goodness of the tenugui.  It fits well on a lap, and when folded, it is not bulky and fits comfortably in your pocket. It's the perfect size for wiping sweat and wrap around children’s neck.

If you use a washing machine, please use the laundry net. Due to the characteristics of the fabric, there is a possibility of uneven dyeing, discoloration, and dye transfer. Do not wash with other products, wash alone. Please avoid soaking and washing. Dry immediately after washing and avoid using the dryer.

material | 75% cotton , 25%linen
size | 27 x 75 cm

made in Japan

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