Mashiko ware wind chimes

395 kr

Mashiko-yaki wind chimes with a simple look
Mashiko, Tochigi Prefecture, produces excellent clay and has many potters. Taking advantage of the simple and warm characteristics of Mashiko ware, this wind chime with a gentle tone. Wind chimes used to create a cool appearance, but this wind chime with a unique appearance by valuing the warm texture of Mashiko's soil.

A unglazed finish that allows you to enjoy the texture of the soil
For the wind chimes, glaze was applied only to the rim, and the rest was unglazed so that the texture of the soil itself could be enjoyed. The color and luster of the glaze accentuate the rough texture of the soil.

size |about φ7 × h5cm
material | Body: Mashiko Pottery / String: Cowhide / Cotton / Strip: Linen / Paper

Made in Japan
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