Magnet Bookmark Lucky Maneki Neko

190 kr

A set of three bookmarks in the shape of a beckoning cat, made of hand-spun and hand-woven hemp fabric pasted with paper. Comes in three colors: semi-bleached, black, and yellow. It is said that the cat that raises its right-hand invites money, and the cat that raises its left-hand invites people.
This bookmark can be stopped with a magnet across the page. Depending on your ingenuity, you can use it in various other ways, not only as a bookmark but also as a sticky note or as a clip.
How about putting a gift message card in between and giving it as a gift, saying, "I wish you good luck."

Set of 3 contents
Material | Front: 100% hemp / Back: 100% paper / Others: Rubber magnet

Size | 3.5 x 5.5cm

made in Japan

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