Porcelain Juicer | Kamoshika

395 kr

Easier to make fresh juice

Easy to incorporate the freshness and aroma of freshly squeezed juice to your daily dining table.

It is a porcelain juicer in nice design and which the hole in the squeezer catches the seeds and only the juice collects in the cup. The just right-sized cup is easy to grasp with one hand and squeezes the lemon firmly.

The cup with a spout has a simple design that can be put on the table as a pitcher, which is a nice point to reduce the trouble of washing. You can store it compactly by turning the squeezer over and covering it with the cup.

size |squeezed φ11 × h5cm , cup φ9.5 × h6.5cm
material | porcelain
capacity | 200 ml

Made in Japan

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* Can be used in microwave ovens.
* Can be washed in a dishwasher.
* Please avoid heating what was in the refrigerator in the microwave as it is.
* Cannot be used on an open flame.
* Do not touch the hot body with your bare hands.
* Please do not place it directly on the table after heating.
How to care * Use a dishwashing detergent and a soft sponge to wash thoroughly with water. After use, wash it thoroughly and dry it before storing it.

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