Japanese Incense sticks | summer edition

229 kr

An incense stick made by a craftsman from Awajishima, Hyogo Prefecture, Japan's number one incense stick producer, which has been making incense sticks for about 170 years.

The scent of roses that bloom freshly in early summer, the scent of the sea that is refreshing and passionate, the scent of bamboo forest that brings a refreshing sensation, the lily scent that gently and elegantly scents, and the scent of water lilies that gently bloom on the quiet surface.
A set of 5 scents suitable for summer.


Water lily
A sweet and refreshing scent of water lilies spread over a quiet pond
Elegant lily flower scent that gently floats
Bamboo forest
A refreshing bamboo scent with a soft summer sunshine
Refreshing and passionate summer sea scent
Rose scent
A fresh rose scent that blooms powerfully in early summer

Content 5 types of incense sticks: 3 each (15 total)
size | 7.5 x 16cm

Made in Japan

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* Please use the tip of the incense stick with a fire.
* Use incombustible containers such as incense burners and incense burners, and be careful when handling fire.
* Please be careful about ignition by ash.
* During ignition, do not bring combustible materials immediately after use.
* Avoid using near windows that are exposed to strong winds or near flammable objects such as books, and use them in a place that is out of the reach of children.
※ Please do not put in your mouth because it is not food.

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