Hanafukin Kitchen Towel in colour Japanese Thimbleweed | NAKAGAWA MASASHICHI SHOTEN

160 kr

Introducing the New and Improved Hanafukin

Our long-standing favorite, the "Hanafukin," has been refreshed with new colors and packaging. Dyed in traditional Japanese hues and wrapped in elegant tātō paper, this updated version exudes a sophisticated charm, making it perfect for gifting. Each tātō paper is adorned with floral designs that match the color of the cloth, adding a touch of elegance.

Vibrant and Versatile

The new Hanafukin comes in six beautiful colors inspired by flowers: White Lily, Hiougi, Daffodil, Willow, Gentian, and Spirea, along with an option made from hemp material. These rich, yet subtle colors add a stylish accent to any interior and make thoughtful gifts for various occasions, such as housewarmings or as a simple token of appreciation.

Highly Absorbent and Quick-Drying

Made from two layers of Nara's traditional "kaya" weave, this large, thin cloth is highly absorbent when folded and dries quickly when spread out, making it incredibly convenient to use.

Durable and Long-Lasting

Crafted from natural fibers like cotton and hemp, the Hanafukin becomes stronger when wet and softens with each wash, ensuring long-lasting use. Over time, it will become fluffier and softer, enhancing its tactile appeal.

Multipurpose Use

Beyond wiping, the Hanafukin can be used for various purposes, such as wrapping bento boxes, straining broth, or drying vegetables. Adapt it to your lifestyle and enjoy its versatility.

Care Instructions

1. Removing Starch: When new, the Hanafukin has starch. Rinse it in lukewarm water to remove the starch before use. It will become softer and more absorbent over time.
2. Washing: Hand wash with mild kitchen detergent. If using a washing machine, place it in a laundry net and use a liquid detergent without fluorescent brighteners.

3. Boiling and Bleaching: For stubborn stains, you can boil or bleach the cloth. To boil, add a pinch of salt and vinegar to boiling water and immerse the cloth for about 5 minutes. For bleaching, use chlorine or oxygen bleach for the White Lily variant and oxygen bleach for other colors.

Long-lasting Care

With proper care, your Hanafukin will remain a beloved and functional part of your home for many years.

material | 100% cotton / mosquito net fabric 2 sheets
size | 58 x58 cm

made in Japan

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Good Design Award winning product 2008

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