Diffuser with Japanese essential oils

550 kr

A diffuser with a natural scent made only from Japanese essential oils and solvents. Straw and rush are used for the reed to give it a natural appearance. With a cherry tree stand.

[Yoshino Hinoki ]
Based on Yoshino cypress, Aomori Hiba and Sugi essential oil from Kyoto are blended. You can enjoy the mellow scent of trees in your room.

[Tosa Pomelo]
Based on Tosa Pomelo, a blend of Hassaku oranges from Hiroshima and ginger essential oil from Kochi. You can enjoy the sweet and refreshing scent of citrus in your room.

[Mentha from Hokkaido]
Based on mint from Hokkaido, a blend of camphor tree from Saga and lavender from Hokkaido. You can enjoy a refreshing scent in your room.

Material Stick: Straw / Rush / Stand: Natural wood (Sakura)
Contents 100ml
Usage period Approximately 2 to 2.5 months
For indoor use

size | 6.5 x 26 x 6.5cm

Made in Japan

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