Coffee measurer

185 kr
A spoon for coffee that shows the standard of deliciousness

Have you ever been worried about the amount of beans when brewing coffee? There are different tastes such as strong taste and light taste, but knowing the standard amount is the first step to delicious coffee. Therefore, I made a wooden spoon that can be scooped while measuring coffee beans and powder.

2 tablespoons is the right amount for 1 cup of coffee
Generally, the proper amount for brewing a cup of coffee is about 8-10g. This spoon, whether in the form of beans or powder, contains about 5g of coffee in a single cup, 2 cups for 1 person, 4 cups for 2 people as a guide. Based on this, please adjust the amount to your liking and enjoy.

Short handle that can be stored in a can
The wooden spoon fits comfortably in your hand and has a gentle texture that is perfect for coffee time in the morning or afternoon. It has a short handle that fits in a can that holds coffee, but it is curved so that it can be held firmly.

material | Maple (urethane coating)
About 5g per scoop
size | 4.3 x 7 x h2cm

made in Japan

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