Hinoki's humidification tree

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Humidified wood made of thinly-cut Hinoki
It is a wooden tabletop humidifier "humidified tree" made by UZU "花育花笑" who instruce flower related courses. Thinned Hinoki thinly with a pail (kana) and finished with an image of the shape of leaves.
Just put it in water and it gently moisten the room
It is very easy to use. Just put it in a glass filled with 100 ml of water, you can enjoy the natural humidification slowly. It is also recommended that you place it at your office desk as well as your home, as it is easy to use anywhere without using electricity. Once used for 2-3 days, take it out, dry it well and use it repeatedly.
Even if you change it so you use it
In addition to the humidification effect, the look of trees and the refreshing scent of Hinoki, which drifts slightly when the water that has been absorbed evaporates, fresh scent of Hinoki will heal the mind. 
Since there is an antibacterial action in Hinoki, it is a wonderful feature that is less susceptible to mold and bacteria.
material | Japanese cypress
size | 8 x 22 cm

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Basic usage]
●Put about 100cc of water in a cup and insert Humidification Tree®.
●Take it out of the water after 1-2 days, dry it thoroughly, and use it repeatedly.
[About Humidification Tree]
*Because it is made from natural materials and handcrafted one by one, the color and shape may vary.
*If water is included, the shape will change depending on the weight and how the wood grain enters.
* If the mouth of the vessel is too large, the weight of the water will cause the shape to change. Please enjoy the natural shape that changes as you use it, just like growing plants.
*If you are concerned about the shape change, adjust the shape while it is wet and dry it to calm down.
* Estimated expiration date is one season. (It depends on usage conditions)
*Humidity Tree® is a registered trademark of UZU Hanaikukae.
[Humidification effect]
Proven about 7 times the humidification effect
It has about 7 times the humidifying effect of the natural evaporation of a cup of water.
Measure the amount of water evaporated in 8 hours at 23°C and 50% humidity.
For natural evaporation: 1.9ml
When using Humidifier®: 14.2ml (about 7 times)
[Product handling]
*The amount of evaporation varies depending on the season, usage environment, size of vessel and amount of water.
* If you pull it too hard, the adhesive surface may tear or peel off. Rough handling may cause tears along the fibers.
*The color of the wood may bleed slightly, but there is no problem in use.
*Because it is a natural material, darkening and discoloration may occur.

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