Ring Stool | leather seat | TENDO MOKKO

5 950 kr

It was designed in 1955 by Tokukichi Kato, who was one of the founding members of Tendo Mokko and worked as a plant manager and craftsman.  Despite the simple structure in which the legs are attached to a ring-shaped seat, craftsmen's ideas are packed everywhere. 

The seemingly slender seat-leg junction is very rigidly attached. In addition, by making a hole in the seat, we have realized ease of use that can be carried lightly even with one hand.  The sheet leather is covered with Tendo woodwork's unique "round covering" technique, and it is made to look beautiful from anywhere without showing the seams.  Sloped towards the center of the hole, it is a very comfortable stool. 

Other than the chair, it is also recommended as an object to be placed as a shelf for putting plants and as an accent for a room.


Tendo Mokko / Kato Tokichi Born in Yamagata Prefecture in 1901. One of the founding members of the Tendo Mokko Furniture Fittings Industry Association, the predecessor of Tendo Mokko, established in 1940. Designed the "Ring Stool" in 1955 as the factory manager. Originally designed for craftsmen, it was one of the so-called "stool". In 1968, he became president of the company. Received 1972 "Invention Association President's Enforcement Award". Received the "Yellow Armband" in 1978.

※ Good Design Award Winner 

design | 1955 Tendo Mokko / Tokukichi Kato
material | laminated plywood. (white birch/maple)

dimension | wφ32 x h43.6cm,  sh43.6 cm, weight 2.4kg

TENDO MOKKO | Ring Stool | leather seat
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