Children chair | TENDO MOKKO

6 950 kr
It is made from a single sheet of plywood by Tendo Mokko's advanced technology of molded plywood, seamless and easy to clean. Holes in the backrest make it easy to carry.
Stacking is also possible and multiple usage is also recommended. All the ends are rounded and is safe for children.

Children can use it as a chair, sometimes as a desk, children's creativity expands infinitely.

material | body: White Beech wood (Natural)
size | w40 x d35 x h58, sh30 cm

weight: 2.1 kg

※ Target age: About 3-8 years old
TENDO MOKKO | Children chair  
For order production, about 1 to 3 months from application to delivery. 
■ We can not accept cancellations or returns after receiving your application for order production. Please acknowledge it beforehand. 
■ Made in Japan

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