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Sea" of "tea". Tea utensils with romantic names were born in China. Once it is poured into the tea sea, it is a tool that has been created so that it can be evenly divided and divided equally into teacups by pouring tea that changes in concentration depending on the pouring timing. In addition, before pouring boiling water into a teapot, it is also useful as "water cooling" to adjust the water temperature.

Made of white glossy white porcelain. As a raw material, we use domestic pottery stone taken in the Amakusa area of Kumamoto. The skin is as white and smooth as possible, removing impurities as much as possible.

It should be noted that the spout is good. The secret is in the structure of the mouth. Because the dough is thinner than the other parts, and the glaze is made to be thin, it is easy to break out of water and drip.

Three sizes of large, medium, and small are available according to the size of the teapot used.

Use it as a water cooler, put dressing and sauce, and use it for dinner and dinner at a dinner table or as a milk pitcher for coffee time, etc.

material | Amakusa porcelain

S: W 7.0cm (w/ handle) 11.0cm x H 7.8cm, 200ml
L: W 9.3cm (w/ handle) 14.5cm x H 10.0cm, 430ml

made in Japan

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