SIWA Laptop/Tablet Case I Pad

349 kr

A lightweight case that protects and carries your laptop or tablet PC.
It is a special case that protects from scratches and scratches when carrying a laptop or tablet PC in a bag and carrying it. You can protect the screen of your laptop or tablet PC when storing it in your bag, and carry it as it is when your luggage is small. It is also ideal as a storage case for notebooks, notebooks, stationery and various digital devices, and as a carrying case.

A thick cushioning material is put inside, and the opening is a smart sleeve case that opens and closes with a zipper, and nylon zipper is used so that it will not be rubbed by the zipper when putting in and out.

Compatible with iPad and iPad Pro (17.4 x 25 cm) up to 10.5 inches. It weighs only 50 grams and is lightweight so it does not burden your luggage. The material is soft Naoron that feels good.

Material | soft naoron
Property | water - and tear resistant, durable and lightweight

Size | w29 x h22 x d1.5 cm (Inner dimensions | w28 x h19.5 cm)

Made in Japan

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