Showa Modern: Signs and Store Designs, 1920s–30s

399 kr

The 1920s and 1930s were a time of tremendous change in the urban Japanese landscape. As a wave of westernization and cosmopolitan culture swept the cities, streets were inundated with bars, cafés, and boutiques. Signs and displays on streets and in store windows were key elements of these new cityscapes.

The works of design in this book encompass more than 200 fascinating pieces—signs, street and window displays, examples of creative lettering—from this momentous age, known as Showa Modern after the era name in the Japanese calendar. The compilation highlights the imagination and diverse artistry of the pioneering designers who worked during this time.

Featured: signs, commercial street displays, store windows, storefronts and shop interiors, lettering and layout designs

Size: 128 × 182 × 11 mm, 280 g
Pages: 224

Made in Japan

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