SHIGARAKI salt pot | White

550 kr
Made in Shiga by skilled craftsmen, a simple and neat design salt jar that is light and has an easy-to-pinch lid.

The salt jar made of the sandy clay from the bed of Lake Biwa has a warm base colour, the irregular soil contour of Shigaraki makes this very durable jar that regulates humidity.

The sea salt stays in a smooth and moist condition in the jar.

Because each one is handmade, dimensions, color patterns, etc. may differ somewhat.

- Salt pot is a vessel that uses the humidity control function that the pottery has, so please do not use it to preserve liquids and foods with high moisture.

- When washing a salt pot, wash with sodium bicarbonate or boiling water is recommended. When using detergent please note the scent transfer.

Size |  Approx Ø9.5 x H9cm | 270ml , Approx Ø8 x H8cm | 190ml
Material | Pottery (SHIGARAKI )
Place of origin | Shiga Prefecture, Japan 

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