SAMIRO YUNOKI 365days Calendar book 2023 | Limited Edition

1 999 kr

To celebrate Yunoki Samiro 100th birthday, a daily calendar was made in a limited edition of 150 pieces. The calendar was designed by Naoto Fukasawa.

It is book-shaped, opens like a book and is flipped through everyday.
The lovely characters by Yunoki make you feel the joy of each day. It is a daily calendar that fits naturally into your daily life.

As an interior decoration, place it in your favourite place, write the events of the day on the back of the pages, or use it as a diary.

【 Naoto Fukasawa】
Naoto Fukasawa, 

Designer/ Director of the Japan Folk Art Museum, made this calendar with numbers drawn by Samiro Yunoki.
It is also a day-by-day calendar. Just looking at the numbers conveys warmth and smiles.

Samiro Yunoki has drawn letters with the words "Joy today, joy for life."
The loveliness coming from these numbers brings us joy every day.
Yunoki will be 100 years old in October 2022. His katazome patterns and children's books have somehow come to be known as art.
He has always been able to draw lines and shapes that only he can draw. As he gets older, his work seems to become more vibrant.
Artists paint what only they can paint. He just doesn't have such big ideas.
I think he doesn't practice, he doesn't draft, he just simply draws.

【Profile of Samiro Yunoki】
Dye artist and artist, born 1922, Tokyo.

In 1942, he entered the Department of Aesthetics and Art History, Faculty of Letters, Tokyo Imperial University.

In 1946, he worked at the Ohara Museum of Art in Okayama, where he encountered Soetsu Yanagi 's 'folk art' and studied under Keisuke Serizawa as a dyer.

In 1972 she became a professor at Joshibi University of Art and Design, and from 1987 he served as its president. In addition to dyeing, He produces and presents a variety of works, including prints, dolls and picture books.

In addition to public museums in Japan, exhibitions have also been held at the Japan Folk Art Museum and the Guimet Museum, France.

size | W120×H165×D42mm
material | craft paper
printing method | offset printing , 2 colour, with case

Made in Japan

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