mariniere 270oval plate

690 kr

Online Exclusive

Marinière means fisherman style. Cut fresh ingredients into pieces and cook with simple seasoning. The dishes that are served unpretentiously and daringly are very appetizing. By using black clay, a deep expression is realized even in the simple colors of white and black. By raising the edge of the edge, the glaze becomes thinner and the black soil of the base can be seen through, and the whole dish looks tight. There is a solid depth, and there is a sense of security even in juicy dishes.

size | L27.3 x d18.9 x h3.1 cm

material | pottery 
Due to the degree of reduction / firing and the nature of the glaze, there are individual differences in color uniqueness and burning feeling.

microwave |OK

dishwasher | x

Made in Japan

Photos copyright by Studio M' / Marumitsu Poterie 

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