Lisa Larson KAYA KIJI Dishcloth | Cat

150 kr

Mosquito net fabric is a coarse fabric used for mosquito nets. It has excellent water absorption, breathability, and quick drying properties, making it a perfect item for everyday use in the kitchen. In addition, the unique texture that softens each time you use it is pleasant, and you can use it not only for draining vegetables and dishes, but also for wiping tables and cleaning.

[About the design]
I made it with the motif of "Manekuneko" which Lisa made with a Japanese beckoning cat as a motif. Lisa's "Manekuneko" is a very popular series that brings good fortune! So far, stuffed animals and "Manekuneko Konoko" redesigned by Hasami ware craftsmen have been released. Bring luck into your kitchen with Lisa's beckoning cat!

Size | 30 x 40cm
Material |  100% Rayon

Made in Japan

・The back side is plain.
・Due to the characteristics of the fabric, it may expand or contract slightly.
・Due to the use of starch powder in the dough manufacturing process, the freshly opened dishcloth is crisp.
・Rinse with lukewarm water several times to wash the glue and gradually soften it.


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