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Kiya's Yakumiyose

This is a yakumiyose made of hachiku bamboo, crafted based on a tea whisk (chasen).

If even one tip of the chasen breaks during production, it must be discarded. However, by cutting it into several pieces, it has been reborn as an eco-friendly, convenient, and beautiful yakumiyose.

Please use it to gather condiments grated with a grater or mortar.

Use natural materials. Even if it is waste material, we actively reuse what is still usable. The small tool ``Kamiyose'' was born from such materials and ideas.

As the name suggests, it is a tool used to scrape up any residue left on the surface after grinding sesame seeds with a mortar and grating wasabi and ginger with a grater. The thin tip fits into small grooves and scrapes up the remaining material without wasting it.

The raw material is light bamboo. What's more, this is made from materials that were not made into finished products when making chasen, a tea ceremony utensil.

A chasen is made by splitting hard bamboo and going through a process called ajisuri to create a delicate tip that resembles a chrysanthemum flower, but if even one of them breaks, it cannot be shipped. This is a product with a lot of loss during manufacturing. The chasen, which cannot be shipped, is broken and the ends are trimmed to make a condiment.

If you look closely, you can probably guess which parts were used. Although it is only about 8 centimeters long, once you use it, you will realize that it is a very useful item, with its thin tip, flexibility, and strength.

This product is made from natural materials, so once it is worn out, it will return to soil when buried. Something that should be useless as it is becomes someone's irreplaceable existence when put to good use. Somehow, it seems like it could be a role model for how to live.

Size | About 80x20mm
Material | Bamboo, Silk

Made in Japan

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