IMBAN Chopstick rest | Azmaya

85 kr

Put the chopsticks and it's a "feast".

Azmaya prepared a daily-use chopstick rest for the starting point and ending point of daily meals.

An unusual pattern that I have seen somewhere. This is a design that uses a description symbol such as "約 物" to be used in printing, such as an end mark, punctuation mark, and a decorative ruled line, as a motif. An artist who has a deep knowledge of printing, Ms. Tachibana worked on it. The printed pattern produces subtle "shakes" like handwriting or letterpress.

◎ There are various ways to make patterns in pottery, one of which is “stamp”. It is a method of copying a pattern on Japanese paper with a glaze, dyeing it with a brush moistened with water, and baking it with glaze.

At the end of the Edo period and the Meiji period, large quantities of blue patterned porcelain were produced in this way, but this was becoming rare because of handwork. In this chopstick rest, we elaborated on every detail in order to taste the nuances unique to the slightly different seal plates one by one.

Hasami white glaze made of domestically made ceramic stone. The transparency of the glaze on the transferred pattern further enhances the beauty.

material | Amakusa porcelain
size | W4 x D8 x H7.5mm 
made in Japan

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