envelope | rest | Nishi Shuku

75 kr
A mature and cute Nishisuku envelope with bread and a small bird drawn on it

Envelopes large enough to hold postcards and folded A5 letter paper.
Not only can it be used for letters, but it is also recommended as a cardholder in combination with a notebook, or as a postcard holder.

This is an envelope designed by illustrator and painter Shu Nishi.
It is an adult cute design with bread and small birds drawn.
Mino Japanese paper is used, so you can enjoy the gentle texture.
Click here for stationery that can be used as a pair of "Nishisuku stationery rest"

Mino Washi Envelope 5 sheets per design

Size | envelope 16.2 x 11.4 cm

Designed by | Nishi Shuku

Made in Japan

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