Clear Stamps BOX motif 17 pcs set | shunshun x mizushima

560 kr

Mizushima exclusive collaboration with drawing artist "Shunshun," celebrated for his exquisite creations crafted with delicate pen lines.

Inspired by the scenic wonders close to his heart, including the charming islands scattered across the Seto Inland Sea, the gentle rays of sunlight, tranquil boats, iconic lighthouses, verdant trees, blossoming flowers, and the radiant sun, this set encapsulates the essence of Shunshun's artistic vision.

Immerse yourself in the beauty of Jo-Kei (情景), or "scenery" in Japanese, as you explore the myriad possibilities offered by this unique collection. With interchangeable parts depicting elements of nature and maritime life, you can effortlessly create your own picturesque landscapes or dreamy seascapes.

Unleash your imagination and embark on a creative journey with our collaborative set, where every stroke invites you to craft your own enchanting scenes inspired by Shunshun's captivating world.

Size | Stamp parts : 8~38×4~24mm , Acrylic block : 37×50mm, Package box : 65×100×H25 mm

Quantity | Stamp sheet: 2 sheets (incl. 17 stamp parts), Acrylic block 2 pcs

Made in Japan

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