Aroma cord incense

139 kr

Innovative cord incense to unbind your creativity to enjoy the authentic fragrance in the way you can imagine.

Use it to add some colour and fragrance to your gift wrapping, make as bracelets, necklaces to enjoy the aroma like perfume, just get creative!

Every 10cm gives 8 minutes relaxing time and it is easy to adjust the time as you preferred.
Create your personalised relaxing moment - short or long - by adjusting the length of the cord.

“AROMA Cord” is the only cord-like incense in Japan, was developed in hopes for customers in modern life to enjoy their incense time more freely.

Deep Ocean 01 - A waft of fresheness and lush scent.

Breezy Grass 02 - A scent reminiscent of an Edenesque

Fruity Flowers 03 - Flamboyant scent of flowers in full bloom

Exotic Citrus 05 - Gentle and luscious fruit scent

Modern Agarwood 07 - A deep scent of agarwood with coriander

Noble Sandalwood 08 - Gentle and noble sandallwood-based fragrance

Size | 14 x 9 cm
Contents | AROMA Cord 200 cm, 1 incense clip, 1 non-flammable mat
Remarks | Burning time: about 8 minutes (per 10cm)

When burning, please put a non-flammable container under it

Made in Japan

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