Denim (selvage) | Furoshiki | One Wash Navy Blue

950 kr

This Denim furoshiki used High quality denim that can be used in many special ways.

Denim Froshiki
Musubi denim furoshiki uses cloth made by Kuroki Co.,Ltd. Kuroki who supply denim to the fashion house of Europe.

What is Selvage denim?
It is made in Okayama City. Selvage denim can be weaved only by old loom weaving machines. There is old good generation least. Especially it can be use for a long time without losing its color. The jeans of the world want the quality of vintage. When used in Furoshiki it makes a strong cover which does not wear or fray at the edges.

If a thread appears from edge of a furoshiki, this occurs naturally during the process of making and is not a defective product. It can simply be cut away if not needed. 

size | 115 x 115 cm
material | 100% cotton

Made in Japan

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