Wooden Tea cup | Rubber wood

330 kr

Dishwasher safe tea cup from Saitama Prefecture Japan.

An Original shaped cup made in Japan. They are designed to blend into various scenes and lifestyles. The design is universal, timeless and is focused on what is really needed.

The 6 layers of clear coating with a smooth texture that retains the texture of natural materials is applied with a technology unique to Japanese craftsmen. The coating used is also made in Japan and is safe for food hygiene standards.

size | w 7 x h 10 cm | 240ml
material | Natural wood
household use Dishwasher | ok

Made in Saitama, Japan

This product can be washed using residential dishwashers. * Limited to use at a warm water temperature setting not higher than 70°C.
* Dishwasher detergents containing bleaching or abrasive agents cannot be used.

  • After using this product, use either a residential dishwasher or a soft sponge with a neutral detergent for tableware to wash it care- fully with water.

  • After washing the product, carefully rinse off the detergent, wipe it dry with a soft cloth, and then store it away from direct sunlight.

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