Water Kettle 2.2L Limited colour Kalita Green | Tsuki Usagi

1 590 kr
The Kettle 2.2L from Tsuki Usagi has been loved for its excellent quality since the Taisho era. A natural design accented with wooden handles and knobs on the enamel carefully crafted by craftsmen. Because the bottom is wide, boiling water is speedy. Furthermore, since the spout is narrow, it is also a point where it is easy to control the flow even though it is a kettle. It's a cute and easy-to-use kettle that you want to look at until the water boils.

Material | enamel, wood
Size | About w23.5 x d19.5 x h18cm, Height including handle: about 22.5cm

Capacity | 2.2L

IH correspondence

Made in Japan

*Since this is a handmade product, there may be slight individual differences in paint and size.

*Due to the manufacturing process, there may be holes in the back of the handle, but please be assured that it does not interfere with use.

*Capacity display is full water capacity. When using an open flame, please use it at 70% full or less, which is the recommended capacity of the manufacturer. If you add too much, hot water may blow out.

* Wipe off any water droplets on the bottom of the pot before heating.

*Please do not use it on the fire stove. There is a risk of burns due to tipping over or hot water blowing out.

*Since the enamel is vitreous, do not suddenly cool it by adding water after heating it to a high temperature. Doing so may cause damage.

*Do not use steel scrubbers, nylon scrubbers, polishing powders, etc. that may scratch the surface.

*This product is made of enamel. Due to manufacturing reasons, the paint film may be uneven or the base may be visible, but this is not a defective product.

The enamel surface is made of glass and may crack or break if dropped or hit against a hard object. Do not use metal brushes or polishing agents to protect the glass surface from scratches. Do not heat empty. The surrounding areas of the internal pourer base's hole have exposed steel surfaces that may accumulate rust with use but will not compromise the hygiene quality. Rinse thoroughly and let dry to prevent rust.

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