Washi roll Sticker | morita MiW

145 kr

Stationery that anyone can get anytime, anywhere. A cute MiW masking sticker that traps the fun of making, the feeling of giving, and the joy of reaching from MiW stationery.
You can enjoy it in various scenes because it has a moderate sense of sheerness.
Decorate envelopes and letters, and arrange your notebooks in your own way. Make an original birthday card or put it on your diary or notebook page to create a different image.
MiW's picture projected on the masking sticker is cut out one by one into parts, and you can flip it over like a sticker and paste it.
A fun masking sticker that can be turned over one by one.

Packing size | W10.5cm x H9.6cm x D4.2cm
Material | paper

Seal size per sheet / approx. W3.8cm x H3.8cm
2 pattern stickers / 104pcs per rolls
Made in Japan

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