195 kr

A heat-resistant glass straw that can be used repeatedly. The combination of the high-quality and delicate atmosphere of glass and the pop bicolor is impressive.

Comes with a carrying case made from natural wheat.

Straw | φ8mm x h180mm
Case  | w210mm x h125mm x d155mm

Straw | heat-resistant glass
Case | Natural wheat

2 straws, 1 cleaning brush, 1 carrying case
* Dishwasher can be used
Designed in Japan

What you can do for the earth.
Eco-friendly glass straw that can be used repeatedly

Currently, it is a major factor in marine pollution and climate change, which is spreading globally.
Marine plastic waste problem and plastic waste disposal problem.

The government and companies are promoting the reduction of plastics as an initiative to protect the environment.

This time, "TWO TONE GLASS STRAW", which joined the amabro "TWO TONE SERIES", is
A glass straw (set of 2) that can be carried around and used repeatedly.

The included carrying case, made of a material made from natural wheat,
It is treated as organic waste and can be disposed of as garbage.

The components that are later decomposed into compost are reborn as agricultural products.
This cycle is environmentally friendly without increasing carbon dioxide.

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