Tsuki Usagi Mug 300cc

350 kr

Very fashionable and stylish.
This is a moon rabbit mark mug made of enamel, which is rare in mugs.

The only brand of enamel products, Getsujirushi, was born in 1923.
Each piece is carefully finished by Japanese craftsmen using traditional manufacturing methods.

The Tsukitojirushi brand, which has been loved for a long time and is still very popular, not only has a stylish design but also eases of use.
The products are popular not only for everyday use but also as gifts.

The Tsuki Usagi Mug  has a thin handle, making it very easy to hold.
Every time you use it, it seems to fit your hand well ♪
It's a simple design that you won't get tired of, so you can use it for a long time.

Material | Enamel
Size | W12 x D9 x H7.6cm (including handle)
Capacity | 300cc
Made in Japan

Hand wash recommended; please do not use scouring powder or scrubbing brush to clean.
Not suitable for microwave nor induction heating.

The enamel surface is made of glass and may crack or break if dropped or hit against a hard object. Do not use metal brushes or polishing agents to protect the glass surface from scratches. Do not heat empty. The surrounding areas of the internal pourer base's hole have exposed steel surfaces that may accumulate rust with use but will not compromise the hygiene quality. Rinse thoroughly and let dry to prevent rust.

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