JAPANESE COFFEE Slim Pot 0.7L | Tsuki Usagi

750 kr

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This cutely labelled Tsuki-Usagi (Moon Rabbit) enamel slim pot is the perfect, super-smooth kettle for your pour over coffee or tea.
The long, shapely spout of the Tsuki-Usagi pot is carefully designed to deliver the perfect rate of hot water flow. A slow, controlled pour is an essential part of the pour over coffee making process. Consistent flow, combined with precise control, ensures that you get great tasting coffee from each and every cup.
The design is uniquely elegant and very practical. The pot is traditionally crafted from a durable metal base, coated with a thick, lustrous layer of glass-like enamel. As well as being tough, light and easy to clean, enamelware is totally free from the odd tastes and odours that you sometimes get from metal products.
Can be used under direct heat, but not recommended for electric stove tops

Material | Enamel
Size | w19.5 x d9.5 x h16cm
Capacity | 0.7L
Made in Japan

Hand wash recommended; please do not use scouring powder or scrubbing brush to clean.
Not suitable for microwave nor induction heating.

The enamel surface is made of glass and may crack or break if dropped or hit against a hard object. Do not use metal brushes or polishing agents to protect the glass surface from scratches. Do not heat empty. The surrounding areas of the internal pourer base's hole have exposed steel surfaces that may accumulate rust with use but will not compromise the hygiene quality. Rinse thoroughly and let dry to prevent rust.

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