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"TOKYO ARTRIP" is a handy and fashionable Tokyo guidebook series that introduces Japanese culture from the perspective of art and design.

Following Japanese tea, Japanese sweets, architecture, Japanese antiques, sake, and coffee shops, the seventh theme is shrines and temples. (1) Appreciate Buddhist statues and Japanese art (2) View from the perspective of architecture and urban studies (3) Touch the history and climate of Tokyo (4) Enjoy worship + α, based on the advice of each specialist 23 Select the location of. This is a valuable book for learning and playing about Tokyo with the theme of "shrines and temples". There is also a column that will be useful for gifts such as festivals, fairs, annual events and amulets. One of the attractions is the page structure that boldly uses beautiful photographs.

* This book is a bilingual Japanese-English book.

Material | Paper
size | A5 | 128 pages

Made in Japan

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