TK Dobin Tea Pot Set S 600ml

1 190 kr

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This tea set matches a teapot with two teacups. The set comes in a black pasteboard box. The beautiful appearance of the teapot is born of the contrasting materials, such as the rattan handle and the copper rings. Meanwhile, the teacups present a clean form with their high foots. Both the White and Black versions present a calm stance with their matte finish.

TK Dobin designed by potter Kato Tatsumi.

The supple curve of the rattan handle has a stable form that gently spreads toward the hem. With a matte texture that suppresses luster gives a dignified elegance.

Mr. Kato studied at the Danish National School of Arts and Crafts and then joined the Arabic Ceramics Factory in Finland. He also studied under the craft designer Kaj Franck.

The kettle has a refreshing shape that reflects the essence of Scandinavia while being a Japanese vessel.

It is recommended as a daily tea utensils, as it has a wide opening, you can also enjoy cold tea with ice using this kettle.

Care instruction:
Hand wash only with mild detergent and a soft sponge.

size | Tea Pot 16.5 x 13.5 x h9cm | 600ml , cup Φ8.2 × 6.7cm | 180ml

material | porcelain, handle | rattan, copper

made in Japan

Designer | Kato Tatsumi

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