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In the past, when it came to boiling water, the iron kettle played a role in Japanese kitchens. In recent years, the unwavering presence of cast metal has once again attracted attention in modern living and dining areas.

The production area is Mizusawa, Iwate Prefecture, the hometown of Nanbu ironware. ``Mizusawa Ubaguchi'' is manufactured using casting techniques that have been passed down since the era of Oshu-Hiraizumi. Ubaguchi is one of the shapes of tea ceremony pots. It is characterized by its unique rounded shape.

The bottom is wide and flat, providing excellent stability. The spout has a sharp drain. The ink-colored surface is created by the oxidation film created during the ``kama-yaki'' process after casting, as well as the ``oil-yaki'' process in which tea astringent liquid and camellia oil are applied. As you use it over time, the color will deepen further.

When it comes to iron kettles, some people may be worried about rust. Rust occurs when moisture remains on the surface. Drain the boiled water each time, and open the lid to let the steam escape. If this happens, you can restore the original black color by boiling water with green tea leaves (used ones are also fine) over a fire, then drying thoroughly. Furthermore, the hot water that forms every time you use it forms a film that protects the interior.

It has been proven that water boiled in iron kettles not only reduces chlorine but also becomes rich in iron ions (*). Please make use of this beautiful and robust tool every day for a healthy life.

Materials |  Cast iron, wrought iron, camellia oil, tea juice manufacturing Kyoto (Mizusawa, Iwate Prefecture)

size | width 165 x depth 144 x height 180mm
(Height is up to the handle. Up to the lid knob is 105mm)

Capacity / Weight 1.0L / 1.5kg

Production | Mizusawa, Oshu City, Iwate Prefecture (Oitomi)

*The color of the lid and body may vary, and there may be small chips. Please understand that each item has its unique finish.

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