TEETER TOTTER TOWER - Balance Game | Fukunaga Print

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TEETER TOTTER TOWER is an exciting game of balance. Take turns placing paper pieces on the seesaw to make it tilt atop the tower.
If the seesaw falls off the tower, you’re out!
Paper pieces of different size and thickness are placed strategically on the seesaw to make it balance evenly, or tip it to the limit.
A fun and exciting challenge for players of all ages.
You’ll surely get hooked on the feeling of relief when the seesaw stops just short of falling.

*Play pieces are made from factory offcuts. Shape and material may vary between sets.

DESIGN | switch design
PACKAGE SIZE | W95×D95×H300mm
WEGIHT | 128g
Internal capacity
: 1 set of seesaw parts, 1 mirror part
: 1 bag of pieces, 1 copy of instruction manual

Made in Japan

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