Copper Tea Canister | Azmaya

1 380 kr

In order to keep the freshness of tea leaves for a longer time, tea lovers must have one or two tea canister for storing the precious tea leaves.

The way you store the tea leaves reflects the love you have for tea.

It is important to isolate the tea from air and light. Therefore airtightness and a material that isolates from light is very important. Remember to stored the tea canister in a cool place to avoid environmental humidity and stay away from heat sources.

It is also suitable for Coffee fans that have the same storage needs.

Tin plated Coppers canister will gradually leave traces of oxidation after a period of time, and develops a retro appearance and unique look.

Material | tin-plated copper 


Small | ø7.2 × H6 cm
Medium | ø7.7 × H9.2 cm
Large | ø8.7 × H11.5 cm

Made in Japan

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