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Tamba Tabletop Jar - From Refrigerator to Table

This Tamba tabletop jar is designed for convenience, allowing you to take it directly from the refrigerator to your dining table. Its handcrafted charm adds a touch of elegance to any meal. Perfect for storing pickles or plums in the fridge, it eliminates the need for additional serving dishes at mealtime. If you have leftovers, simply return the jar to the refrigerator. With a capacity of approximately 300ml, it can hold even large pickled plums.

Traditional Tamba Ware
Crafted from Tamba ware, one of Japan's Six Ancient Kilns, this jar is produced by Danso Kiln in Tamba Sasayama, Hyogo Prefecture. The kiln is led by Shigeko Ichino, the eighth-generation potter who has trained at the Bernard Leach Pottery in the UK. The jar combines traditional Tamba tube drawing techniques with slipware methods learned at the Leach Pottery, resulting in a piece with a rich, textured appearance.

Slipware Technique
The jar features classic slipware patterns from Danso Kiln’s slipware series. The freehand-drawn flowing curves and the warmth of the handcrafting process make this jar particularly appealing. It adds a vibrant touch to your dining table.

Versatile and Spacious
With a generous capacity of about 300ml, this jar is ideal for storing not only pickled plums and other pickles but also condiments like soy sauce or vinegar. It’s also great for tea bags, snacks, or even kitchen spices and seasonings.

This Tamba tabletop jar blends the traditional craftsmanship of Tamba ware with modern convenience. It’s a perfect addition to your daily dining experience.

size |φ10.5 × h10.5cm , opening diameter approx. φ8.0cm

weight | 330g


Comes in a dedicated box.

Made in Japan

Handling the Product

  • Microwave: Safe for use in the microwave.

Before Use

  • Cleaning: Always wash with water or lukewarm water before initial use.
  • Glazing: No need for glazing or seasoning.

During Use

  • Temperature: Avoid sudden temperature changes as the product may be vulnerable to rapid heating or cooling, which could lead to damage.

After Use

  • Dishwasher: While dishwasher-safe, we recommend handwashing to extend the product's lifespan. Avoid overloading and handle with care to prevent damage.
  • Cleaning: Use a soft sponge to clean; abrasive cleaners or metal scrubbers may scratch the surface. After washing, dry thoroughly with a soft, dry cloth and store in a well-ventilated area.

Additional Tips

  • Storage: Refrain from storing dark-colored liquids or substances that may potentially stain the product.
  • Usage: Please use the product only for its intended purpose.
  • Caution: Handle with care to prevent breakage from strong impacts.
  • Cracks: Discontinue use if cracks or fractures develop for safety reasons.
  • Unique Characteristics: As each item is handmade, slight variations in color and shape are natural and add to its unique appeal.

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