SIWA Slippers type S

655 kr

Japanese paper room shoes that gently wrap your feet.

What you should definitely try is the feelings from the comfortable texture when you put your feet into the room shoes. It has a unique softness and tenderness of the Japanese paper material. The texture and feel of “Washi”, which is light in the summer and warm in the winter, is completely different from ordinary slippers and room shoes.

One of the remarkable features is that the total weight is less than 100 grams so light so you only focus on the tenderness it gives you. A special storage case is also included, so it is convenient to take it with you when traveling or on a business trip. Relax your feet at your hotel or on a plane or train on the move.

The main body is made of durable soft Naoron. The main body is designed with a structure in which the seams of the material are inconspicuous, in addition, it has a double structure of bag stitching and cushioning material is included to enhance comfort. The material of the sole is made of 65% polyester and 35% rayon which  is also used for automobile seats, so it can be cleaned easily when it gets dirty. The sole is made of a material different from that of the main body to enhance durability, and it is easy to walk due to slight friction. 

These slippers are made of paper produced by the centuries old Japanese process of washi-suki. The slippers are partly made of RPF NAORON (special paper, to which recycled polyester fibers have been added). Another part of the slippers consists of SOFT NAORON. The addition of polyolefin fibers gives the material a soft and flexible texture that is durable, water resistant and surprisingly strong. Soft Naoron does not emit noxious fumes when burned. The slippers are flexible, water resistant as well as surprisingly strong and comfortable.

This "L" size is about 26-28 cm.

If your foot size is 22 to 25 cm, please use the "S" size.

Material | rpf naoron

Property | durable, water resistant and light

Size | S 23 - 25cm

Made in Japan

How to care for the SIWA products

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