SIWA passport case

499 kr

When traveling abroad, and to organize passbooks and cards around money. In addition, I made it to collect small pieces of paper for those who often go out, such as work receipts, tickets for traveling, concert ticket management, etc.

It is thin and slim, and it is a simple storage case that can be used by fixing it with a leather strap. Furthermore, it has a good texture and feel of Japanese paper, and weighs only 50 grams. However, the interior is designed to be easy to use with abundant storage pockets.

Equipped with a total of 10 pockets when opened inside. Equipped with abundant card pockets, a large pocket for storing tickets and memos, and a convenient pen holder. The passport case and ticket compartment also have a safety flip to prevent it from falling.

Durable Japanese paper "Hard Naoron" is used for the material of the main body. Every time you use it, it feels better and the texture increases. It is a storage case that you should prepare for travel and business trips, as well as use it in your daily life.

Material | Hard Naoron
Size | w15.5 x h22cm

Storage | Card pocket x 10

Made in Japan

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