SIWA business card case

319 kr

A case of just 6 grams that can be used not only for storing business cards but also for organizing credit cards and carrying them.

A storage case that allows you to smartly classify business cards and cards and take them out quickly while making the most of the features of the new Japanese paper, Soft Naoron. Although it has an orthodox appearance, it is a case that has three classification pockets inside so you can organize business cards and cards.

The main compartment can store about 20 standard business cards. There are also two pockets where you can manage your business cards. In addition to business cards, credit cards, card keys, membership cards, insurance cards, and other cards can be inserted. If you insert a transportation card such as Suica, you can use it as a regular pass that you can touch as it is.

We used a new Japanese paper "Soft Naoron" that is durable and durable against water. It feels good and is slim. It weighs only 6 grams, which is about one-fifth that of a typical business card / card case.

Material | Soft Naoron
Size | w10.3 x h7.8cm 
Property | water - and tear resistant, durable and lightweight

Storage | Card pocket x 3

Made in Japan

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